Architecture, geo-politics and scientific knowledge

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Audit Room, King’s College, University of Cambridge

This workshop investigates variegated relationships between architecture, broadly conceived, and the sciences of behavior and life, such as psychology, biology and ecology. Underlining the historical, geographical and geo-political aspects to these relationships, the workshop is interested in the genealogy, translation and operationalization of such fundamental concepts as need, organization, or environment, among others. How can we relate such epistemological histories and geographies of architecture to the widely divergent forms of politics enacted by architects, urban designers and spatial practitioners?

We are holding this half-day workshop on Wednesday 24th January 2018 and would be pleased to hear from anyone who might like to contribute a paper (of 15 min. length) or take part in the discussion. We are especially keen to have representation across the spatial disciplines and beyond.

The workshop will be followed by dinner.


Questions to Dr Maros Krivy, Research Fellow, Department of Geography,

This event is sponsored by Professor Matthew Gandy’s ERC Advanced grant Rethinking Urban Nature