Rethinking Urban Nature PhD candidate, Mathilda Rosengren has a new book out published by transcript. Urban Appropriation Strategies – Exploring Space-making Practices in Contemporary European Cityscapes edited by Flavia Alice Mameli, Franziska Polleter, Mathilda Rosengren, Josefine Sarkez-Knudsen builds on their work from the University of Kassel workshop.

In the past years, the transiency of European city-making and dwelling has become increasingly hard to disregard. This urban flux calls for a methodological rethinking for those professionals, social and natural scientists, artists, and activists, with an interest in the processes of remaking and reclaiming urban space. With a practical and empirical emphasis, this anthology brings forth a variety of perspectives on urban appropriation strategies, their relation to public space-making, and their implications for future city development – exploring how ideas and practices of appropriation inform and relate to cultural narratives, politico-historical occasions as well as socio-ecological expressions.

With contributions by: Malte Bergmann & Laura Kemmer, Greta Colombo & Lorenza Manfredi, Jan Edler, Natalie Fari, Matthew Gandy, Anette Geiger & Stefanie Hennecke, Rabea Haß, Toby Austin Locke, Ralf Pasel-Krautheim, Tilman Reinhardt & Beatrice Walthall, and Anja Schwanhäußer.

With the kind support from: Rethinking Urban Nature (European Research Council), the Patrum Lumen Sustine Foundation and the Åke Wibergs Stiftelse.

The book launch on 22. May 2018 – 20.30 at Pro qm

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Images from the book launch by Matthew Gandy (2018). Thanks to everyone for an excellent turn out.