New paper: Urban atmospheres

Matthew Gandy’s AAG annual lecture entitled “Urban atmospheres” is now published in the journal Cultural Geographies.

Photo credit: “Lichtgrenze” Berlin by Matthew Gandy

What is an urban atmosphere? How can we differentiate an ‘atmosphere’ from other facets of urban

Lunar Hornet Moth

The Lunar Hornet Moth has been found at Woodberry Wetlands nature reserve in Hackney. This elusive and spectacular mimic looks and behaves like a hornet and its caterpillars develop inside the trunks of willows and sallows for two years before …

New paper: Negative Luminescence

Professor Matthew Gandy’s new paper Negative luminescence (OA) has been published in the Annals of the American Association of Geographers. The increasingly pervasive phenomenon of light pollution spans several different fields of concern, including the loss of the night …