Our team


Danielle Feger

Danielle is a Research Funding Coordinator at the University of Cambridge.


Matthew Gandy

Matthew is the Principal Investigator.


Sandra Jasper

Sandra is a post-doctoral research associate based in Berlin.

Rosie Knowles

Rosie is Project Coordinator (part time).

Louise Kay

Louise is Project Coordinator (2016-2018).


Maros Krivy

Maros is a post-doctoral research associate studying governmentality through environment, based in Tallinn.


Marcus Nyman

Marcus is a PhD student based in London whose research focuses on urban nature and food production.


Corinna Reetz

Corinna is a graphic & web designer for the project and lives in Cologne.


Nida Rehman

Nida is a PhD student working on the historical geography of mosquito-borne diseases and vector control in Lahore.


Mathilda Rosengren

Mathilda is a PhD student based in Berlin and Gothenburg.


Krithika Srinivasan

Krithika is Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh and carries out research in Chennai for the project.

Niranjana Ramesh

Niranjana is a postdoctoral research associate studying Chennai’s fluid geographies.


Advisory panel

Pushpa Arabindoo (University College London)
Jan Axmacher (University College London)
Tristan Bantock (consultant entomologist)
Dorothee Brantz (Technical University, Berlin)
Neil Brenner (Harvard University)
Olivier Coutard (CNRS, Paris)
Rajith Daniels (Care Earth, Chennai)
David Demeritt (King’s College London)
James Evans (University of Manchester)
Susanne Frank (University of Dortmund)
Michael Flitner (University of Bremen)
Susanne Hauser (University of the Arts, Berlin)
Steve Hinchliffe (University of Exeter)
Ingo Kowarik (Technical University, Berlin)
Mari Laanemets (Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn)
Jens Lachmund (Maastricht University)
Jamie Lorimer (Oxford University)
Tönu Ploompuu (Tallinn University)
Mark Spencer (Department of Botany, Natural History Museum, London)
Meelis Uustal (Stockholm Environment Institute, Tallinn)
Jayasree Vencatesan (Care Earth, Chennai)
Meike Wolf (University of Frankfurt)

Consultants and collaborators

Marcel Ashby (entomological surveys)
Tristan Bantock (entomological surveys)
Annie Chipchase (botanical surveys)
Leonie Fischer (botany and urban ecology)
Meaghan Kelly (research assistance)
Russell Miller (arboriculture and urban ecology)
Thea Sophie Schick (botany)
Birgit Seitz (botanical surveys)
Herbert Sukopp (botany and urban ecology)
Moritz von der Lippe (botany and urban ecology)

Film making, exhibitions, and graphic design

Madeleine Dallmeyer (dramaturgy)
Paulus Dreibholz (graphic design)
Stefan Engelkamp (colour correction)
Nadja Hermann (production)
Wiebke Hofmann (editing)
Chris McKissick (steady cam)
Rebecca Mahnkopf (archival research)
Gunar Meinhold (title design)
Esther Niemeier (production)
Ireen Packebusch (archival research)
Susanne Rösler (graphic design)
Jutta Schäfer (archival research)
Jonathan Schorr (sound design)
Luise Schröder (cinematography)
Moritz van Gunsteren (archival research)